Muntinlupa received P300K donation for COVID-19 assistance

City’s League of Seamstresses collectively roll-up their sleeves for Bayanihan work on producing PPEs

THE City Government of Muntinlupa has acquired over P300, 000 donations from friends and kind donors upon posting on social media their appeal for aid to COVID-19 frontliners through Lingkod Muntinlupa Foundation.


Muntinlupa City Technical Institute, on the other hand, managed the salary for the volunteers of the said project.


Meantime, at least 4, 500 yards of PPE materials are being produced by the league of seamstresses of Muntinlupa into environment-friendly personal protective gear for the medical front liners in the city.


The group targeted to produce 1700 PPEs and expected to finish it before the end of the month so that it could be distributed on time to the front liners braving the COVID-19 and are dubbed as heroes of the new generation.


Muntinlupa COVID-19


The said PPEs are not just environment-friendly but are also beautifully-crafted and washable as well as fresh and cool to use.


Lingkod Muntinlupa Foundation meantime calls on to whoever wished to donate for the COVID-19 front liners to freely contact their organization as it is open to accept donations for similar projects not just in the city but also to neighboring places.


It can be remembered that hospitals in the country already appealed to the public for more PPEs since they need it to combat the COVID-19 threat.


Meanwhile, gratitude and salutations are also extended to foundations such as the Lingkod Muntinlupa Foundation and Muntinlupa City Technical Institute in giving aid to the front liners.



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