National Day of Protest: KOJC Members, supporters cry for Justice After Violent, Inhumane Attack

National Day of Protest: KOJC Members, supporters cry for Justice After Violent, Inhumane Attack

JUSTICE. This was the outcry of the supporters, and members of KOJC during the National Day of Protest held across the Philippines and in several countries abroad.

The tears shed by KOJC stemmed from the violent and inhumane police attack on its religious compounds, coupled with the brutal treatment of the church’s missionaries last June 10.

Over two weeks have passed since the harrowing incident at KOJC religious compounds, but the cruelty of the police and the infringement on the human rights of its spiritual leader, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, will not be easily forgotten.

“What is our cry for KOJC? Justice. What is our cry for PACQ? Justice. What is our cry for our fellow Filipinos, IPS? Justice. What is our cry for our youth? Justice,” exclaimed Ricky Fuentes, KOJC Minister.

That is the resolute cry of KOJC members and supporters as they joined the National Day of Protest last Sunday, June 30th.

Their demand for justice stems from a violent and unauthorized search by authorities on five religious compounds on June 10th, conducted without a search warrant.

During the raid, gates were forcefully breached, resulting in injuries to children, women, and youth.

The religious compounds, revered as sacred and home to KOJC missionaries and members, were desecrated with acts of urination and spitting by the armed authorities.

The incident also resulted in the death of Indigenous People (IP) members due to severe trauma.

“According to our former President, PRRD, who is also the Property Administrator of KOJC, he said that June 10 is a Day of Infamy. Imagine, five religious compounds of KOJC were simultaneously attacked in the early hours. They conducted an illegal search in the 5 religious compounds but they had no search warrant. Our innocent brethren had no chance when they were attacked by two police battalions— the Special Action Force (SAF) and the CIDG. They mercilessly attacked our innocent brethren. Those we thought would defend and protect us were the ones who harmed our youth, and women, and destroyed gates and doors. They disturbed our peaceful community on June 10, 2024,” said Ricky Fuentes.

Despite this traumatic, and violent incident, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. remains silent. But the question still remains: who gave the order to conduct the illegal search and harm innocent people?

“Until now, 24 days have passed and our President remains silent. Does he not value the lives of the oppressed and injured children? Even our Indigenous Peoples—the B’laans, in Kitbog and Tamayong? Who allowed this to be done to us? Why did they have to serve the warrant violently and aggressively? Isn’t this a case of religious and political persecution? Did it have the President’s thumbs-up of approval?” said Fuentes.

The KOJC also didn’t let pass the recounting of what Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and SMNI experienced in standing up for what is right.

“KOJC and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy did nothing wrong. Instead, they stood up and fought against CPP-NPA-NDF. They stood against corruption. But what we witnessed— isn’t that oppression and infringement on human rights? Even SMNI, a network dedicated to nation-building, has been continuously silenced by lawmakers in front of us since 2023. Is this the price to pay for standing for the truth,” he added.

Despite the abuses and inhumane treatment, the KOJC members and supporters offered a prayer for those in government and law enforcement at the peace rally.

“So, we pray as a religious community that our leaders should be guided by God—Government leaders who walk and lead according to God’s Will. We pray that they set aside personal interests for the greater good.

We also ask our Almighty Father to grant discernment to our defenders- the police, military, and uniformed personnel. Let us pray that they are endowed with the spirit of discernment from our Father— to implant in their hearts a moral compass to distinguish right from wrong. Give them the courage to refuse blind obedience when following authority contradicts the principles of law and morality. In the name of our spiritual leader, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, we continue our calls for justice,” stated Fuentes.

Some personalities at the rally couldn’t help but express sympathy for KOJC—including Vivian Velez, who perceives President Marcos as manipulative and ungrateful.

 “Who did they first destroy when they were already in power? Wasn’t its Sara, with their black propaganda? And who else? Pastor Quiboloy. Of course, they targeted SMNI first. Why? Because SMNI tells the truth. They don’t want to be exposed. Ungrateful! Ungrateful! They are Satan’s minions,” said Vivian Velez, Co-Convenor, Marcos Resign Movement.

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