Nationwide protests erupt in Canada over federal carbon tax hike

Nationwide protests erupt in Canada over federal carbon tax hike

ACROSS Canada, protests have broken out in response to the recent surge in the federal carbon tax, with demonstrators expressing their dissatisfaction over rising living expenses and calling for solidarity in the face of contentious policy decisions.

Protesters were seen waving Canadian flags and holding signs with slogans such as ‘Spike The Hike, Axe The Tax’ and ‘Why We Protest: 1. Freedom For All 2. Children’s Future 3. Vax Justice.Org, Why Do You Not?’.

They worry about the impact of the tax increase on their ability to provide for their families and lament the diminishing opportunities for future generations.

The protests were triggered by a 23% increase in the federal carbon tax, which came into effect on April 1st.

The tax, initially set at $20 per tonne in 2019, has now reached $80 per tonne.

This translates to an additional 3.3 cents per liter of gasoline and 2.9 cents per cubic meter of natural gas.

Despite assurances of increased carbon rebates for households, discontent over the policy remains palpable.

However, reports indicate that the turnout at protest sites was lower than anticipated.

Meanwhile, reports say only a few dozen protesters gathered on Parliament Hill, while just four individuals demonstrated on the Macdonald Cartier Bridge between Gatineau and Ottawa.


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