New Army Reserve Corps HQ expected to boost security, tourism in Intramuros: DOT

New Army Reserve Corps HQ expected to boost security, tourism in Intramuros: DOT

SECURITY remains a challenge in Intramuros, according to the Intramuros Administration.

“To be honest, security is a challenge here in Intramuros especially with the presence of our informal settlers community,” according to Atty. Joan Padilla, Administrator, Intramuros Administration.

With the opening of the new headquarters of the 1304th Ready Reserve Infantry “The Fort” Battalion at Cuartel de Sta. Lucia in Intramuros, it is expected that security will be further strengthened in the famous tourist spot.

“With the addition of the ready reserve battalion here in Intramuros, we hope and expect that they will help us enhance our security services, particularly on the streets of Sta Lucia and Murallia. Hopefully, they can augment the security we provide to our tourism visitors and stakeholders,” Padilla added.

The opening was led by Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco, together with some officials from the Philippine Army.

Aside from enhancing security, Frasco said that the presentation of reservists every Sunday will also be an added attraction to tourists.

“It will also be a tourist attraction, because every Sunday, we will have silent drills by the Infantry Battalion. And this will be included in our Philippines Hop-on Hop-off bus tours stop,” Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, Department of Tourism stated.

Frasco, who is also a reservist, hopes that the youth will be encouraged to join the military reserve corps as a demonstration of love for the country now that there is a new headquarters for them.

“We want our youth to be aware of the importance of our obligations as Filipinos to fulfill our duties as citizens, to serve our nation in whatever capacity we can. And one of those ways is to volunteer for the Army Reserve Forces,” Frasco expressed.

And here in Intramuros, you can do your duty while you enjoy the beautiful tourist destination that this place offers.

Cuartel de Sta. Lucia was the former headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary in 1901.

In 1905, it was opened as a military school for the Philippine Military Academy, which is now located in Baguio City.

Cuartel de Sta. Lucia was among the places destroyed during World War II and was rebuilt by the Intramuros Administration in 1998.

Aside from this area, Intramuros is also home to Fort Santiago, a former Spanish defense fortress.

You can also find here Baluarte de San Diego, museums such as Casa Manila Museum and Museo de Intramuros, and other historical sites.

In 2024, Intramuros has been nominated again for the World Travel Awards for the title of Asia’s leading tourist attraction.


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