NIA to construct more dams until 2028 —NIA

NIA to construct more dams until 2028 —NIA

ALIGNED with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s vision to build more dams, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) announced its expectation to complete 20 medium-term projects and three to five long-term projects within the current administration’s term.

During a press briefing at Malacañang on Tuesday, NIA Administrator Eduardo Guillen mentioned several dam projects, such as the Tumauini Dam in Isabela, as well as dam projects in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

In Visayas, the NIA is constructing the Jalaur Dam and other projects in the Panay River Basin, in addition to smaller or medium-sized dams.

‘’And then many in Mindanao especially along the Pulangi River – the Antung Dam, the Lower Malitubog– we’re almost finished with MALMAR II there, that’s also large— about 12,000 hectares. And then we will continue with MALMAR– the Lower Malitubog, as we call it. We have many proposed projects,’’ Eduardo Guillen Administrator, NIA said.

Regarding the construction of high dams or those with a height of 100 meters, Guillen stated that these structures serve various purposes such as flood control, irrigation, and power generation. Additionally, they can be utilized for aquaculture, bulk water, floating solar, and tourism.

The initiative also aligns with NIA’s efforts to assist farmers in mitigating the effects of El Niño.

Meanwhile, Marcos Jr. and concerned agencies are focusing on addressing El Niño and preparing for La Niña.

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Renato Solidum Jr. disclosed in the same briefing at the Palace that the government continues to implement El Niño mitigation measures while preparing for the effects of the La Niña phenomenon expected in June this year.

The secretary mentioned that El Niño in the tropical Pacific is still weakening, but its effects will persist as it transitions to neutral from April to June this year.

Meanwhile, the possibility of La Niña is at 62 percent from June to August this year.

‘’So, there will still be some provinces to be affected by the combined effect of El Niño and the preparation for La Niña which would bring in less normal rainfall. Hence, we need to continue doing the operations for El Niño preparedness but also keep in mind that we need to prepare for La Niña in the second half of the year,’’ Sec. Renato Solidum, Jr. DOST said.

In a sectoral meeting at Malacañang on Tuesday, PBBM ordered the activation of the El Niño Southern Oscillation Online Platform to guide the public and officials’ actions.

It is noted that Tuesday marks the President’s first day back to public duties after experiencing flu-like symptoms for almost a week.


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