North Korea condemns call for denuclearization during South Korea Summit

North Korea condemns call for denuclearization during South Korea Summit

NORTH Korea’s Foreign Ministry described calls for denuclearization in the peninsula as “mockery” that equates to political provocation and violation of its sovereignty.

The joint declaration was made during a trilateral summit attended by South Korea, Japan, and China in Seoul.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang called on all parties to reduce tensions without singling out North Korea.

Meanwhile, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida called out Pyongyang to abandon its plans to launch a second spy satellite into orbit.

For years, South Korea has been spending billions to keep thousands of American troops on its soil which the U.S. claimed is a “powerful investment” to deter potential threats from North Korea.

Representatives from South Korea and the U.S. met in Hawaii last week to discuss terms of a cost-sharing agreement to keep an estimated 28,500 U.S. Forces on its soil.

The U.S. military has maintained a strong presence in South Korea since the end of the Korean War.

The summit on Monday was overshadowed by North Korea’s announcement of its plan to launch its second spy satellite into orbit between May 27 and June 4.

North Korea faced another setback after the second spy satellite exploded shortly after liftoff Monday.

The satellite was launched hours after leaders from South Korea, and Japan met for their first trilateral summit in nearly five years.


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