North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in ‘great danger’ after surgery

NORTH KOREAN leader Kim Jong Un is in grave risk after surgery according to the U.S. official.


The North Korean leader is reportedly in “grave danger” following a surgical procedure on cardiovascular.


The 36-year-old Kim’s condition is being monitored by US intelligence officials.


Bits of gossip started to twirl about Jong Un’s wellbeing after he didn’t go to a commemoration occasion for the birthday of its founding father and Kim’s granddad, Kim Il Sun.


Kim got the cardiovascular system procedure in view of “unreasonable smoking, heftiness, and exhaust,” and is currently accepting treatment in a villa in Hyangsan County following his procedure.


The dictatorial leader was recently seen openly on April 11 at an administration meeting. North Korea’s exceptionally cryptic government still can’t seem to remark on Kim’s supposed ailment or issue any kind of proclamation through its state-controlled media.



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