NPA used peace talks to deceive the government – Dela Rosa

SENATOR Ronald Dela Rosa said he did not feel the sincerity of the New People’s Army (NPA) in its peace negotiations with the government.


He said the leftist groups only used ‘peace talks’ to deceive the government.


Bato added that from the time he served until the end of his career as a police officer he did not see any good motive from the NPA.


The senator subsequently expressed support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision.


Recalling President Duterte’s public address on Monday, the president said the ceasefire between the government troops and the NPA would not be discussed anymore.


This is because the rebel groups continue to kill Philippine soldiers despite facing a health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“It is a sad thing to know na ‘yung mga sundalo ko pinagpapatay, while even doing the most honorable task of accompanying the government workers delivering money and food,” said Duterte.


“There are no more peace talks to talk about. I am not and will never be ready for any round of talks,” Duterte said.



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