Number of overseas Filipinos cured of COVID-19 increased

Number of overseas Filipinos cured of COVID-19 increased

THE number of Filipinos recovering from COVID-19 overseas increased by 17.


However, a total of 33 new confirmed cases were reported, leading to an increase in the number of 1, 677 positives for the virus.


Based on the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) data, the rate of recovery was higher than the death toll of only 201.


Currently, up to 1, 025 Filipinos abroad are undergoing treatment.


DFA Assistant Secretary Eduardo Meñez said most Filipinos affected by COVID-19 live in Europe and America based on the World Health Organization’s situation report.


“The WHO Situation Report as of yesterday, records Europe and the Americas, both home to most of our OFWs, as the two regions with the highest total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the globe,” said Meñez.


As of April 30, there have been 367 cases in the Asia Pacific Region, 483 in Europe, 356 in the Middle East / African Region, and 471 in the American Region.


While the American Region still had a high casualty rate of 115, Europe followed with 66, Middle East / African Region with 18 and two only in the Asia Pacific.



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