OFW shares bitter experience in Ukraine-Russia War

OFW shares bitter experience in Ukraine-Russia War

AN OFW from Ukraine has shared his experiences in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

“They think war is simple. They say America is helping us, raising their hands in pride. They don’t understand what war is like,” said Rey Arpon, OFW in Ukraine.

In an interview with SMNI, our fellow Filipino Rey Arpon narrated the dire situation of those caught in the Ukraine-Russia War.

Arpon’s family is now in Denmark and no longer in Ukraine.

He recounted how they were all shocked when Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022.

“The citizens there didn’t expect a war. There was no warning from the government. People were shocked by what happened,” Arpon added.

According to Arpon, there are numerous problems in Ukraine, including poverty and a lack of food supplies, especially electricity.

About ten Filipinos he knows are still in Ukraine, unable to leave because they have families.

“Some don’t want to turn on the electricity, and some have none at all. That’s their concern now, especially in winter. What will happen?” Arpon stressed.

The US is Ukraine’s number one military ally and the reason for its confidence in waging war against Russia.

However, according to Arpon’s acquaintances trapped in the war, the weapons provided by the US are faulty.

“Look at Ukraine now, how can they defend themselves? The problem is, they were given second-hand ammunition. Now, in the field, they gather what they can. They take tires, batteries, and assemble them,” Arpon added.

Meanwhile, former Philippine Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus Rigoberto Tiglao sees no rational reason for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s recent visit to the Philippines.

Tiglao said both the Philippines and Ukraine are ‘puppets’ of the US, which is why Zelenskyy visited the Philippines.

Tiglao emphasized that the US orchestrated the meeting of the two leaders as optics or propaganda.

Ukraine is being bullied by Russia, while the Philippines is bullied by China.

“The only rational explanation for Zelenskyy to travel so far is that their puppeteer, the US, is a demanding taskmaster, and its propagandists thought it would be great optics for the leaders of two countries being “bullied” by the two superpowers to meet to express their solidarity with each other, the world’s two Davids fighting the evil Goliaths of our era. That’s it,” according to Rigoberto Tiglao, Former Philippine Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus.

“If this happens in the Philippines, people think war is simple. They don’t know how many people have died. Especially us, what can we do? We will be like Ukraine. We will become the second Ukraine in Asia if this happens,” Arpon added.

In the end, Arpon called on the government not to be swayed by the US into going to war with China.

And may the plight of Ukraine, still a victim of incessant fighting, serve as a lesson.

OFW appeals to government: Don’t be swayed by the US to join the war

“There’s no need to explain… just look at the situation in Ukraine. How many people have died… how many parents have been separated from their children. Those separated from their spouses. How many children and elderly have died, with no hope, without homes,” Arpon said.


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