Only 78 Filipino sailors refused to sail at Gulf of Aden, Red Sea —DMW

Only 78 Filipino sailors refused to sail at Gulf of Aden, Red Sea —DMW

THE doubled salary continues to be a significant reason why many Filipino seafarers still want to sail in the dangerous waters of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Migrant Workers Secretary Hans Leo Cacdac explained that only 78 Filipino seafarers have refused to sail.

“There are still many, one reason could be the hazard rates, double the salary. But we are really not considering these hazard rates as a foremost policy approach here, because your salary, comes second to their protection. But that could be one reason,’’ said Sec. Hans Leo Cacdac DMW.

Secretary Cacdac emphasizes the need for sufficient protection and maritime security escorts for Filipino sailors despite this recognition.

“And we say that, okay, that is recognized, but there must be protection, there is a maritime security escort, there are armed guards, there are risk and threat assessments first before submitting to us,” he added.

To recall, the DMW Chief previously announced tightening measures for Filipino seafarers boarding ships involved in attacks by Houthi rebels.

Specifically targeted are shipping companies owning Galaxy Leader, True Confidence, and MV Tutor, which continue to pass through despite the known dangers of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

The agency will also require principals and ship owners to implement security measures before hiring Filipino crew, including the deployment of maritime security escorts on ships.

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