Ospital ng Malabon temporarily closed to non-COVID patients

THE Ospital ng Malabon temporarily does not accept non-COVID cases after its four health workers were infected with COVID-19.


Yesterday, Wednesday, the hospital began to stop accepting non-COVID patients when they learned that four health workers were COVID-19 positive on Tuesday night.


According to Ospital ng Malabon Medical Director Doctor Mitch Tanchoco, one of the infected was assisting COVID patients and the other three were in and out of the hospital.


Tanchoco assures that health workers who are infected with the disease do not have unprotective exposure while assisting patients and are currently asymptomatic.


“Ang na-infect kasi na mga health workers ay apat, they came in and out from the hospital, we never expected na infected sila, they are asymptomatic, one of them is asymptomatic kaya lang since siya ang nag-assist sa mga patients, they had to swab, so sinuwab, yon positive,” said Tanchoco.


Tanchoco assured that all staff, especially those who assist COVID patients, will be undergoing a swab test in compliance with the DOH’s mandate to protect frontliners.


She said swab testing began with health workers at the hospital on April 17.


“Higher risk ang team ay dapat sinuswab, so we did that, we make sure who goes in and out of the hospital is safe. And turned out that majority ng mga healthcare providers na nag-assist sa COVID patients ay negative naman,” she said.


The probable and suspected COVID patients will continue to be treated at the amphitheater.


The hospital is currently in the process of contact tracing, testing and disinfection to control the spread of the disease.


In the meantime, the emergency room, laboratory, and radiology section will remain open for Ospital ng Malabon outpatients.



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