Outcry as Sweden’s youth gang kills father in front of son

Outcry as Sweden’s youth gang kills father in front of son

RESIDENTS in Sweden reacted with shock and anger after a father was shot in the head in front of his son during a confrontation with a gang of youths.

It was perhaps the most tragic memory he will carry on for the rest of his life.

A 12-year-old boy witnessed how a gang of reckless young people killed his father in broad daylight as they cycled through an underpass in the Skärholmen district of Stockholm.

The pair were making their way to a swimming pool when they encountered the troublesome gang earlier this week.

Before they knew it, the heated confrontation escalated into an altercation which led to the teenagers fatally shooting the man in the head in broad daylight – a horrendous crime witnessed by his young son.

The untimely death of 39-year-old Mikael Janicki sent a shockwave of horror among Swedes in the wake of rising gang violence in the country, as criminal gangs battle for control of drug markets.

A total of 363 shootings, 53 fatalities, and 149 bombings were recorded in Sweden last year.

No arrests have been made in connection with the killing.

The gangs often recruit young teens because they are not criminally liable for committing violent acts.


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