OWWA sparks joy during 2023 OFW Family Day

OWWA sparks joy during 2023 OFW Family Day

LAUGHTER filled the entire day as OFWs and their family dependents celebrated the OFW Family Day organized by OWWA this year.

Families spent the whole day playing raffles and games. Some celebrities are present during the event, this celebration is like an early gift for their members.

Because of this, the SMX Convention Center in Pasay was almost filled with a multitude of people joining in the festivities.

“Happy grand OFW day, my fellow countrymen!” Arnell Ignacio, OWWA Administrator said.

Marilyn traveled all the way from Paranaque to join the OFW Family Day.

In fact, they lined up early in the morning to get in.

They hit the jackpot because they personally shook hands with President Bongbong Marcos, the guest of honor at the event.

“It’s happy, very happy. And then, his [President Bongbong’s] program, it really helps OWWA,” Marilyn Eligoyo, OFW Family dependent of OWWA stated.

56-year-old Esther has been attending the OWWA event for 15 years.

But she says it’s different this year because President BBM is present.

“Okay, it’s helpful for families like ours. Families of OFWs,” said Esther Arbas, OFW Family dependent of OWWA.

According to Admin Arnell Ignacio, they intentionally expanded the event as a way to make up for the many challenges faced by their members and dependents this year.

“Here, you can see that you OFWs and your families are in the heart of this administration,” Ignacio added.

This year, OWWA increased scholarships for young Filipinos.

They opened double the total of 2,500 slots from previous years.

Each scholar under the OWWA Development Scholarship Program will receive P20,000 per year.

While students covered by the Educational Livelihood Assistance Program will receive P5,000-P10,000.

This is in addition to the assistance and aid provided to returning OFWs.

During Christmas, OWWA welcomes our returning countrymen with gifts and caroling at the NAIA Terminal.

The program prioritizes distressed OFWs.

Before the year ended, President Marcos Jr. was thanked at the event.

For the programs that he dedicated to our fellow countrymen working abroad and the families they left behind.

Pres. Bongbong Marcos thanked on OFW Family Day

“Dear President, thank you very, very much for your love for our OFWs and their families,” Ignacio said.


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