Pakistan sees 60% rise in Afghan terrorism

Pakistan sees 60% rise in Afghan terrorism

PAKISTAN has reported a significant 60% increase in terrorism originating from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in August 2021.

In response, Islamabad is calling on the Interim Afghan government to cooperate in capturing terrorism suspects.

Pakistan alleges that this terrorism surge violates the US-Taliban agreement, which was designed to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a safe haven for terrorists.

Islamabad attributes this increase to Afghan nationals residing illegally within Pakistan’s borders.

To address this issue, Pakistan plans to repatriate a number of Afghan refugees, including those who have lived in Pakistan since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1970s.

It can be noted that there are about 4 million Afghans living in Pakistan, and of this number, 1.7 of them are in the crosshairs of Pakistan’s repatriation plan.

According to Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul-Haq Kakar, about 252,000 Afghans voluntarily returned from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s concerns have resulted in a rise in targeted attacks on Pakistani troops in the Balochistan province.

Islamabad also claimed that 15 Afghan nationals were involved in suicide attacks in Pakistan this 2023, although it did not provide any evidence to back the claim.


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