PAOCC plans to charge Bamban Mayor Alice Guo with Tax Evasion

PAOCC plans to charge Bamban Mayor Alice Guo with Tax Evasion

THE Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) plans to charge Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo over her alleged involvement in illegal POGO operations in her area.

According to PAOCC Spokesperson Winston Casio, one of the complaints they plan to file against Guo is tax evasion.

He stated that a significant amount of taxes has not been paid by Guo, considering also the lifestyle of the suspended mayor.

“We have observed several violations on her part related to administration, tax evasion charges. We will file a case against her regarding the antigraft law, if I’m not mistaken, she has already been charged, so she won’t be charged with that again. We may also file charges against her for violating the Security Circulation Code,” according to Winston Casio, Spokesperson, PAOCC.

According to Casio, the 6-month preventive suspension imposed by the Ombudsman against Guo will aid in the ongoing investigation into the raided POGO hub in Bamban, Tarlac.

“I haven’t read the preventive suspension yet, but if it exists, it will help us gain entry into the municipality and request other records they may have,” Casio added.

Meanwhile, PAOCC also plans to file complaints against officials of Zun Yuan, Hong Sheng Gaming Technology, and Baufo Land Development, as well as other officials in the Tarlac Municipality.

PAOCC however needs to comply with additional documents regarding the initial complaints filed to other respondents in the illegal POGO operation for the preliminary investigation at the DOJ.

One of the earlier complaints filed by PAOC was against a Chinese national who allegedly served as an enforcer against employees who failed to meet their quotas

“For some, it would be easier to just deport them, but no, we have to hold them accountable for their crimes in the Philippines so they won’t be emulated here. It’s harder to get imprisoned in the Philippines compared to other countries,” Casio stressed.


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