Pastor ACQ comments on congressional probe of SMNI franchise

Pastor ACQ comments on congressional probe of SMNI franchise

PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy shares his thoughts on the congressional hearing regarding the franchise of SMNI.

“Well God have mercy upon Philippines, might go well and everybody finds enlightenment and that the freedom of expression and the press will not be muzzled and we hope that they can see the contribution of SMNI in society which is our intention for nation-building,” according to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ responded to the recent hearing by the House Committee on Legislative Franchises regarding the franchise of Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI).

In a statement, Pastor Apollo expressed hope for the Philippines and stressed the importance of freedom of expression and the press without interference.

He also highlighted SMNI’s contribution to society, aligning with the intention of true nation-building.

In an SMNI interview, Pastor Apollo clarified that the network has no intention of causing harm but instead focuses on positive, ethical, and critical journalism and that the media plays a crucial role in democracy.

“We do not intend to destroy anyone, we practice good, ethical, and critical journalism because that is the role of media and that also the essence of democracy. Without that, there is no democracy.”

“The aim of SMNI is not to tarnish, not to destroy but for nation-building, we are strengthening the Republic by being the mouthpiece of the people who have been aggrieved by the abuses of NPA,” he added.

Pastor Apollo thanks supporters of SMNI

Meanwhile, Pastor Apollo expressed gratitude to SMNI supporters all over the world. He also thanked them for showing sympathy with SMNI’s cause,  it gives him energy and joy knowing that people stand with SMNI.

“We receive comments around the world, there is no bad comments on us, they sympathize with SMNI, with our cause that is what give me energy and the joy to know that the people is with SMNI.”

“Thank you for the supporters that I received all over the country and all over the world for SMNI,” Pastor Apollo stated.

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