Pastor ACQ reminds those criticizing VP Duterte, legislators who have separated from FPRRD’s political party

Pastor ACQ reminds those criticizing VP Duterte, legislators who have separated from FPRRD’s political party

PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ expressed in his program Spotlight that politicians who criticize Vice President Sara Duterte and lawmakers who have separated from the party of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte are also ruining their own political careers.

According to Pastor Apollo, it appears that these individuals lack principles and convictions and are easily swayed by money.

“I will tell you, I will tell you; I am not a politician and you are and you ought to know by wisdom that what you are doing is a kiss of death to your political career and Sara will soar in popularity the more. The more. You will see that. Those are just 120 members, 120 members only and who vote for them? The people in the PDP-Laban Party when they were in the PDP-LABAN and you think those people will go with them? It was also a kiss of death to them because they show their true colors and those that remained in principle, in principled political career they have, they are the ones that will be voted by the people because the minds of the Filipinos are now opened,” according to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Furthermore, the good Pastor mentioned that some congressmen are using former President Duterte as a reason and are connecting the former president to the destabilization plot against the Marcos administration.

However, the truth is that money is the reason why these individuals transferred and left PDP Laban.

“These congressmen who switched sides and then used the reason that President Duterte is behind destabilization—do you have researchers? And if you don’t have researchers, why did you become a congressman? Don’t you have minds? We know that much! And you, that’s just your reason. That is just a reason to cover up your being unprincipled, just to grab opportunities. What is the answer? Money, money, just all about money,” Pastor Apollo added.

Those who left PDP-Laban criticized VP Sara Duterte might not be voted by the people—Pastor ACQ

According to Pastor Apollo, these politicians have no respect for themselves. Because of this, he mentioned that the people will remember those who left the party of the former president and they will no longer be voted for again.

You yourselves don’t have respect for yourselves, right? In what you did, you disrespect yourself and you expect us to respect you? No, no. The people knows,” Pastor Apollo stated.

 “The people will hate you, the people will not vote for you the next time you will ask for their vote,” he said.

“You think they’ll be pleased with you? President Duterte said last night, why did you switch sides? The people elected voted for you when you are in PDP-Laban, why did you switch? Because of money, the people know that about you—it’s just all about money. Ah, so these are the leaders that we voted for, it’s all about money,” the good Pastor stated.

Pastor Apollo emphasized that because of the principles of former President Duterte, he was more loved by the people. He also mentioned that it is possible —with the popularity of the former president to affect the political careers of destructive politicians because there’s a possibility that Filipinos will still follow him.

“Duterte was nothing before but because of his values and principle, he shot up to the top,” he added.

“If President Duterte stands up and says we will vote for this, the people will all vote for that. If he says you won’t vote for this, you’re finished. Your political career is over. Even if you cheat, they won’t be able to see that.  Your interests are different, that’s why you’re blind, temporarily blind, that’s what they’re saying,” Pastor Apollo stated.

At present, the PDP-Laban, led by former President Duterte, which previously had 120 members in Congress, has dwindled to only 15 congressmen due to the majority transferring to the ruling party.

Meanwhile, based on the latest OCTA Research survey, despite the issues faced by the Vice President of the country, Vice President Sara Duterte remains the most trusted government official.

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