Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is not a fugitive ─KOJC Legal Counsel

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is not a fugitive ─KOJC Legal Counsel

DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos received more than just a scolding after accusing Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ of being a fugitive.

Despite being a lawyer, Abalos seems unaware of the law.

According to the camp of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Pastor Quiboloy and five other individuals cannot be considered fugitives since they have not been proven guilty in court.

‘’Yung fugitive from justice. Illegally under our present dispensation he is not. Rodriguez vs. COMELEC which was decided on July 24 1996 will explain that he cannot be considered as a fugitive from justice because he is not yet convicted and he is still facing a case and there is still a question as to the charge aspect. We are still questioning his indictment. So if you follow Rodriguez vs. COMELEC he is not a fugitive from justice,” Atty. Israelito Torreon – Legal Counsel, KOJC said.

KOJC legal counsel Atty. Torreon cited the Supreme Court decision in Labao vs. COMELEC, asserting that Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy cannot be deemed a fugitive.

 ‘’If you follow labao vs. Comelec, which was decided in july 19 of 2016, you cannot also considered him as s fugitive from justice. Simply because of the fact that there must be evidence that he is evading the operations of the law. So, absent of evidence that he is really evading the operations of the law then you could not conclude that he is fugitive from justice,” Atty. Torreon added.

Torreon also stressed that there is no proof that the revered Pastor left the country, therefore, he should not be labeled a fugitive.

Atty. Adam Jambangan, another KOJC Legal Counsel, referenced the recently enacted Republic Act 11983, or the New Philippine Passport Act.

According to Atty. Jambangan, based on this act, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and his associates cannot be considered fugitives.

‘’That law particularly section 3 paragraph j, define the technical definition of what a fugitive from justice is. It has been defined by that provision that a fugitive from justice is refer to those who flee under the following circumstance. The only circumstance is cited is after conviction by a Philippine court to avoid persecution. In the case at bar, there was no conviction yet infact he was not yet arraigned. He was not yet been subjected. The jurisdiction over the person of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy was not been acquired yet. So, it is unfair to the state, the media, and even Sec. Abalos to tag Pastor Quiboloy as a fugitive,’’ according to Atty. Adam Jambangan – Legal Counsel, KOJC.

For Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz, Former CPP-NPA-NDF National Intelligence Officer, Pastor Apollo is not evading the law. Instead, he is only safeguarding himself from the threat of an extraordinary rendition.

 ‘’He is not fleeing from the law or justice. He is safeguarding his life to avoid a dangerous situation orchestrated by the state,’’ Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz – Former National Intelligence Officer, CPP-NPA-NDF said.

Ka Eric added that Pastor Apollo was not the only one who had made such a move.

To recall, former PNP Chief and Senator Panfilo Lacson went into hiding due to an arrest warrant against him.

Furthermore, accusations against Pastor Apollo do not imply guilt, nor do they eliminate his presumption of innocence.

Meanwhile, KOJC Executive Secretary Eleanor Cardona reminded those who accuse Pastor Apollo of being a fugitive to tread carefully.

“So, this is a warning to those accusing Pastor without any restraint. Please do not tread on dangerous ground when you touch pastor’s being a Pastor of the flock of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. As it saith in Psalms 105:15 “Touch not my Anointed and do my Prophets no harm.” So, this is warning to those accusing Pastor kung maka-persecute kayo walang habas. This is just reminder and warning to everyone. And to those who accuse Pastor Apollo of being a fugitive or that he is evading the law. For us in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Fulltime Miracle Workers and Members we do understand, and we are really praying for our beloved Pastor’s protection. Its like a story in the bible what happen a weak King Ahab and his weaked wife Queen Jezebel, she so weaked as she wanted to kill the Prophet Elijah. That’s why it was God’s who hide Elijah. He was hidden because to protect him and to safe guard to preserve Elijah so that when the time comes he can perform his mission that God’s giving him,” Sis. Eleanor Cardona – Executive Secretary, KOJC said.

In response to calls for Pastor Apollo to surrender, a KOJC missionary had this to say:

‘’If a member of your family, whom you know to be innocent, is accused, would you surrender them? Who knows Pastor Apollo better, the outsiders or us, who are inside the Kingdom?’’Bro. Carlo Catiil – Resident Minister, KOJC said.

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