PBBM’s approval rating in North Central Luzon drops to 49%

PBBM’s approval rating in North Central Luzon drops to 49%

THE approval rating of President Bongbong Marcos dropped in North Central Luzon which is known as its bastion.

‘’If you look at it, Admar, the pessimism is still there if you look at it overall, it appears that the government officials and institutions are still at low ratings, you can see the slide of the officials, when I say officials— from the President, Vice President, Speaker to the Senate President,’’ Prof. Malou Tiquia Founder/CEO, Publicus Asia Inc. said.

The Marcos administration’s performance has hit a low with a 51% overall rating.

Based on the Pahayag 2024 second quarter survey conducted from June 15 to 19, 2024, involving over 1,500 respondents. President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. received a mere 44% approval rating and a 33% trust rating.

In North Central Luzon (NCL), also known as his stronghold, Marcos Jr.’s approval ratings dropped from 52% in the first quarter to 49%.

In the exclusive interview of SMNI news with Prof. Malou Tiquia, Founder/CEO of Publicus Asia Inc., she shared that inflation and economic issues are the apparent reasons why PBBM’s rating is falling.

These are also the most important issues that the Filipino people want the Marcos administration to address based on the Pahayag survey.

Tiquia also mentioned that the people themselves are moving to solve their problem—not the government because the economy has remained a problem for the Marcos Admin for two years.

‘’The performance on the issue of inflation is coming out. Economics. So, when you talk about the reasons— you relate that to issues that are important to people. It’s important to them that they have jobs. It’s important to them that they meet their daily needs,’’ she added.

According to the survey, corruption ranks among the top three issues demanding attention and resolution from the PBBM administration.

Former Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque expressed concern over worsening corruption under Marcos Jr.’s tenure, citing historical parallels.

‘’That is a new finding that corruption is one of the main problems, and it is also worrying because the government of his father, the late Marcos Sr.— one of the reasons that the people threw him out was also because of corruption. Right now, we see history repeating itself,’’ Atty. Harry Roque said.

Roque added that the result of the latest publicus survey reveals the widespread perception that Marcos Jr. is failing in his duties as president.

Instead, the President’s increasing international trips, parties, and concerts are becoming more frequent amidst the backdrop of growing poverty and hunger among Filipinos

It also shows that people are not satisfied with Marcos Jr.’s performance as a leader.

‘’His job is to give a better standard of living to our compatriots, who do not feel it because the price of goods is very high, there are not enough jobs, and wages are very low. So far, there is no evidence that he is working because otherwise, there would have been a solution to the pressing problems of the nation,’’ Atty. Harry Roque added.

Meanwhile, The South China Sea issue ranks fourth of the issues that the people want to address where more than 50% say we should be neutral on this issue.

Meanwhile, the South China Sea issue only ranks fourth among the concerns prioritized by the public, with over 50% advocating for neutrality on the said issue.

In contrast, Vice President Sara Duterte maintains the highest approval ratings within the Marcos administration, according to the Pahayag 2024 second quarter survey.

Despite a slight decline in her ratings, VP Sara Duterte continues to hold the highest levels of trust and approval.

The latest survey shows that VP Sara received an approval rating of 46% and a trust rating of 41%.

 ‘’You can see that even though there is a drop when you compare them all, the Vice President’s rating is still higher in terms of approval and trust,’’ Tiquia said.

Tiquia clarified that the resignation of VP Sara as DepEd Secretary was not included in the survey.

‘’Her resignation was not included in the survey because our fieldwork ended on June 19, and she announced her resignation in the afternoon, so it was not nearly affected. You will see… that’s why we can’t answer whether her resignation will suddenly lift her up but what you can see here, she is being pulled down also by the performance of the whole of the government,’’ she added.

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