PDEA is afraid to confront PBBM, so it insists on denying his involvement in illegal drugs—FPRRD

PDEA is afraid to confront PBBM, so it insists on denying his involvement in illegal drugs—FPRRD

THE current administration continues to deny President Bongbong Marcos’s involvement in illegal drugs, despite former President Rodrigo Duterte previously stating that he saw Marcos’s name on the Narco List of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) when he was still mayor of Davao City.

However, PDEA vehemently denies the issue, even though political vlogger Maharlika released documents proving that Bongbong Marcos was once a target of a PDEA operation in 2012.

During a Thursday press briefing, former President Duterte explained why PDEA continues to deny the issue, stating that government agencies are afraid to confront the current president.

Despite public outcry, the agency will continue to deny the issue.

“I was the first one to say that he is a drug addict. I wasn’t making up stories, but what PDEA is saying now that this isn’t true, that’s natural, ma’am, because, during Marcos’ time, no agency in government could go head-to-head with the president on that matter so it gets suppressed,” expressed Rodrigo R. Duterte, Former President of the Philippines.

Duterte said that when he was president, he saw Marcos’s name again on the PDEA list but just told PDEA to do their job.

“As early as, I wasn’t even president yet, when I was president, I saw it again, but here in Davao, I’m really into drugs. They showed Marcos’s name there. I didn’t give it importance. I just told them to do their job, don’t involve me,” he added.

According to Former President Rodrigo Duterte, if there’s one thing he regrets, it’s not arresting Bongbong Marcos sooner.

“When I was president, I was looking at the full story of Marcos’s addiction but I just said I wish they had arrested him earlier. I wish they had arrested him when I was president,” stated Duterte.

Documents proving PBBM’s drug use may have been erased—FPRRD

The former president emphasized that PDEA is afraid to confront President Marcos, and the record of his drug use in PDEA may have been erased by now.

“What was shown to me when I was president, I know that was shown to you too because you’re the president, or maybe the GG and PDEA are just afraid, and all those documents have probably been tampered with, either they were erased,” said former Pres. Duterte.


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