PDP-Laban president shares thoughts on encouraging former President Duterte to re-engage in politics

PDP-Laban president shares thoughts on encouraging former President Duterte to re-engage in politics

A high-ranking PDP-Laban Party official has something to say regarding those who are encouraging former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to re-enter the political arena

Photos showing what appears to be a meeting of several former high-ranking government officials resurfaced- and among them were former Presidents Gloria Arroyo and Rodrigo Duterte and former Senate President Tito Sotto III.

But, according to Senator Christopher Bong Go, who was also present at the gathering, it was only a simple get-together wherein they also reminisced about their experiences in public service.

“It was a simple catch-up, a joyful meeting with leaders who served the country in various positions or capacities during past administrations. They looked back on the times they worked together in the government,” according to Senator Bong Go.

However, some of Senator Go’s statements added a bit of intrigue to the gathering.

During that occasion, Go claimed that Arroyo was trying to convince Duterte to become politically active again— and this was later confirmed by Arroyo herself in a statement to house media.

“I think Senator Bong Go already disclosed what happened,” Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said.

Although Duterte currently serves as the chairman of the PDP-Laban Party, he had previously talked about no longer engaging in politics.

According to the party’s president, Palawan Rep. Jose Chaves Alvarez, it would greatly benefit the re-electionist senators of the party if FPRRD (former President Rodrigo Duterte) re-entered the political arena.

“That’s good for the 3 re-electionist senators of PDP because if he campaigns, his popularity will transcend to them,” according to Rep. Jose Chaves Alvarez, President, PDP-Laban.

As for the question of whether the party has discussed Duterte’s potential candidacy in the 2025 mid-term elections, the PDP reportedly hasn’t addressed this matter yet– although there have been speculations that the former president might run for senator in 2025.

“There hasn’t been any discussion about that, but it’s really his decision. Some close to him have suggested that he shouldn’t run because he’s already been president. But the best example is former President Gloria Arroyo, who is very active now, right? You can see that she even attends sessions here,” Alvarez added.

“Maybe the suggestions of former President Gloria Arroyo are towards him running the campaign because he still has a strong following,” he added.

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