Philippine Expo ready to help Filipinos in Japan

Philippine Expo ready to help Filipinos in Japan

THE spirit of Bayanihan or Community cooperation is alive and well in Japan, especially in helping our fellow Filipinos who are facing visa issues.

One organization ready to assist is the Philippine Expo.

Lorna Tadokoro has been living in Japan for several decades. Together with the Philippine Expo, she advocates for helping fellow Filipinos who are encountering visa problems in Japan.

The Philippines is one of the leading countries in terms of sending labor forces abroad. According to the Migration Policy Institute, an estimated 10 million Filipinos are living or working in 200 countries.

Many Filipinos are aware of the problems faced by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), especially when they encounter issues with their documentation.

The Philippine Expo is one organization ready to provide assistance to Filipinos facing difficulties in Japan.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Expo launched an event at Ueno Park, Tokyo, where various businesses and government agencies from the Philippines and Japan can be found.

The Expo aims to introduce Japanese and Filipinos to developers and other businesses that can assist them if they consider retiring in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine Expo, they are also active in helping half-Filipino, half-Japanese individuals break into the entertainment scene here in Japan.


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