Plans to grow plants on the Moon receive $3-M funding

Plans to grow plants on the Moon receive $3-M funding

THE federal government awarded $3-M in funding to support Australian researchers working on a project to grow plants on the Moon.

The Australian government supported a bold plan to grow seedlings on the moon by 2026.

The project named the Australian Lunar Experiment Promoting Horticulture (ALEPH) is led by local start-up Lunaria One.

Researchers behind the program aim to grow plants on the lunar surface within 3 years by conducting a series of experiments to investigate whether plants can survive its harsh climate.

Researchers hope the Moon mission will help reveal new ways to improve food production in harsh climates on Earth or after natural disasters and help feed communities that suffer from climate-driven weather disasters, especially when food supplies are often scarce.

It was in October of last year when researchers first announced plans to launch the ambitious multinational mission.

Scientists are selecting plants based on their resilience and ability to survive extreme conditions while data and images of their growth and general health will be sent back to Earth.

The mission is part of the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars initiative.

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