PNP committed ‘systematic violation, desecration of human rights’—Atty. Rodriguez

PNP committed ‘systematic violation, desecration of human rights’—Atty. Rodriguez

MORE and more people are condemning the abuses made by the PNP against the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that happened on June 10th. Among them was Attorney Vic Rodriguez, who pointed out what he calls an immoral attack of the police on KOJC’s religious compounds.

“Our friends and colleagues in the PNP, please do not use your power to trample on the human rights of the people you swore to serve and protect,” according to Atty. Vic Rodriguez – Former Executive Secretary.

This was the statement made by Attorney Vic Rodriguez, former executive secretary of President Bongbong Marcos Jr.

Rodriguez was talking about the armed police attack on the religious compounds of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on June 10, which caused great fear and trauma among KOJC missionaries.

Reports emerged that the PNP is reversing the truth in mainstream media, claiming that the KOJC members were the first to attack, a claim that CCTV footage strongly disputes.

Despite these propaganda efforts by the PNP, the number of people condemning the violent raid and desecration of the sacred sites of the KOJC, described by former President Duterte as the “Day of Infamy,” continues to grow.

“A systematic violation and desecration of our human rights, especially when the frontline involves women and youth like those in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a non-violent religious group, is haram—meaning illegal, immoral, and absolutely forbidden,” added Rodriguez.

Due to the brutality suffered by KOJC workers, especially women and youth, many Filipinos have lost trust in the police, who should have been their protectors, but instead violated their human rights.

“To our police officers, just follow lawful orders. It doesn’t mean that just because you are in service and given an order, you should follow it out of fear of being relieved, dismissed, or suspended. We understand that to a certain degree, but we cannot understand if you allow yourselves to be used to harm fellow Filipinos,” he added.


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