PNP’s violent raids on KOJC compounds harm Philippines’ int’l reputation—Sen. Padilla

PNP’s violent raids on KOJC compounds harm Philippines’ int’l reputation—Sen. Padilla

SENATOR Robin Padilla sighed deeply as he recalled the fate of the members and workers of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ when the PNP-CIDG and Special Action Forces raided their religious compounds in Davao City and Sarangani Province.

The violent raids, conducted by the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and Special Action Forces, took place on June 10, 2024—a date etched in the memories of KOJC members.

To this day, many who witnessed the PNP operation still experience severe trauma and anxiety, especially children who are now afraid to be left at home, worried that the police might raid again.

Senator Padilla warned that such violent operations not only harm those directly affected but also damage the international image of the Philippines.

“I said it before, this is not going to look good to the Filipinos and foreigners to see this kind of enforcement inside a church,” stated Sen. Robin Padilla, Republic of the Philippines.

As a Muslim public servant, Senator Padilla expressed his deep pain over the desecration of places of worship.

Because, similar to Islamic culture, places of prayer are sacred and should be respected.

“For me, it’s painful to see. This shouldn’t happen. Especially seeing them in combat gear,” he stressed.

Senator Padilla wants to bring the investigation of the PNP operations at the KOJC religious compounds in Davao City to the Senate.

He tasks Senator Ronald dela Rosa’s Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs to investigate in aid of legislation.

“Let’s discuss this. I don’t want to fight anyone. I just want us to talk about why this happened,” he added.

KOJC lawyers have questioned whether the PNP would conduct such violent operations at other churches, such as Catholic and Muslim places of worship.

“In this matter, let’s separate the church. Let’s respect the church. If the issue of the government is Pastor Apollo, then Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is the issue. Not the whole Kingdom. That’s what shocked me,” he added.

In these challenging times for the nation, Senator Padilla urged the administration to focus on addressing bigger issues.

He called on the public to support the government, instead of actions that could divide Filipinos.

“This is not the right time. We are facing external problems. Internally, we should not have this. We shouldn’t have this, fellow citizens. With our fellow citizens, we should be okay. Let’s first be okay with our fellow citizens,” he ended.


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