Polar air set to worsen flooding in southern Brazil

Polar air set to worsen flooding in southern Brazil

MAJOR flooding in Rio Grande do Sul, caused by heavy rains, has submerged hundreds of towns, caused widespread power and water outages, and forced residents to take shelter in open fields and roadsides.

The weather forecast predicts more rain in the coming days, likely exacerbating the disaster, which has already resulted in 147 confirmed deaths.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul expressed concerns on social media about rivers potentially surpassing last week’s levels, leading to further severe flooding.

Adding to the threat, temperatures are expected to approach zero degrees due to the approaching cold wave.

“It will lower the temperatures significantly in Southern Brazil, with temperatures approaching zero degrees. People are already wet and they will be cold,” according to Glauco Freitas, Meteorologist, National Institute of Meteorology.

Local officials report that more than two million people have been impacted by the persistent rains in the region.


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