Police authority questioned after raid of KOJC compounds without search warrants

Police authority questioned after raid of KOJC compounds without search warrants

A former cadre of the CPP-NPA-NDF can’t help but shed tears over the assault by hundreds of heavily armed police personnel on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) compounds in Davao City. He also questioned the integrity of the police authority conducting a raid without search warrants.

“As I was watching on YouTube and Facebook live earlier, my tears were flowing. Beloved Philippines, I don’t know if this country still has a government, I don’t know what heart the Philippine National Police has. General Marbil, you have to be called out. You are the chief of the Philippine National Police, you are endangering the policemen, the poor rank-and-file policemen whose families come from the ranks of workers and farmers because of your dirty political games. You are the first ones responsible for this illegal intrusion. General Marbil and President Marcos Jr., Secretary Benhur Abalos of the DILG, this kind of audacity and violence stem from your hands,” according to Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz, Former CPP-NPA-NDF Intelligence Officer.

This is Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz‘s emotional statement as he calls on the PNP leadership following the raid conducted simultaneously by various units of the Philippine National Police, PNP-SAF, and CIDG on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ headquarters beside the Davao International Airport, the Prayer Mountain in Tamayong, the Glory Mountain, the QSands Baptismal Resort in Island Garden City of Samal, and the Kitbog Compound in Malungon, Sarangani Province.

Celiz is a known cadre of the CPP-NPA-NDF who has been a good friend of the ministry and Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, especially in fighting insurgency in the country.

According to the legal counsels of the KOJC, there was an arrest warrant, but no search warrants were served for the authorities to forcibly enter the premises.

An incident resembling martial law occurred with the forced entry of the police into the defenseless church workers of KOJC, which also traumatized the youth who witnessed hundreds of heavily armed police personnel.

The simultaneous assault on the KOJC compound was criticized by Celiz.

“This is an order, an illegal act condoned by Marcos Jr. no ifs, no buts, you can only search the compound or any property if there is a clear order with a search warrant issued by the court, the Philippine National Police has no right to dictate what to search unless they are given authority and order by the court. The search is not allowed in a warrant of arrest; this is actually an illegal search and the arrests you affected are illegal arrests, in your excessive fawning over Liza Araneta, Bongbong Marcos, you forgot that the law prevails over anyone, even to the president,” added Celiz.

Because of this, Celiz requested the PNP Chief to study the law carefully due to the alleged show of the police’s unrestrained violations of law in their harassment of KOJC workers and in the damage to its properties, where the document carried was a warrant of arrest and not a search warrant.

“The question is, let’s hope our friends in the Iglesia Ni Cristo won’t get offended. What if, General Marbil, Bongbong Marcos Jr., the organization of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is similar to Iglesia Ni Cristo, will you treat them with disrespect, humiliation, to those unrelated to terrorism, which if you treat them, it’s even worse than terrorism? Can you do that if the organization is Iglesia Ni Cristo or the Roman Catholic Church? Why are you like that?” Celiz stressed.


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