Political vlogger celebrates son’s birthday in a meaningful way in Waxi’s Restaurant in Davao City

Political vlogger celebrates son’s birthday in a meaningful way in Waxi’s Restaurant in Davao City

THE newly opened Waxi’s Restaurant in Davao City was the setting for a special birthday celebration.

Political Vlogger Bisdak Pilipinas, decided to celebrate his son Alexander’s birthday in a unique way.

Instead of a private party, Bisdak invited a group of under privileged children to join the celebration at Waxis.

“My fellow Bisdak and to all Filipinos wherever you may be. We are here today to celebrate the birthday of my son and of course to give thanks to all those who support Bisdak Pilipinas. We chose to celebrate my son’s birthday here at Waxis (restaurant) because it’s like my way of giving back to the love of all the members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.”

“Actually, I have been helping the youth and the underprivileged for a long time, and this time I said let’s do it here at Waxis so that many young people from the Kingdom of Jesus Christ can enjoy,” Bisdak Pilipinas, Political Vlogger expressed.

When the children arrived at the restaurant, they were greeted with a warm welcome and a festive atmosphere.

Bisdak and his family including the birthday celebrant Alexander, made sure the kids felt special and included. Besides the tasty food, there were also fun games and activities for the kids to enjoy.

The children had a wonderful time at the birthday party. They played games, danced, and bonded with Bisdak’s son.

The vlogger and his family made sure the kids felt loved and appreciated. Everyone shared lots of laughter during the celebration showing that Waxis Restaurant provided the perfect setting for this meaningful event.

As the party came to an end, the children also offered a song of thanksgiving for the special day that was given to them.

The political vlogger and his family were overjoyed to have shared this moment with the kids. The Waxis Restaurant had become a place where generosity and compassion were celebrated, making it a truly meaningful birthday for all involved.

“My fellow countrymen, I am appealing to all Filipinos who have the means to bring joy to the children. Don’t be selfish with that, if your heart is open, what’s a little happiness that you can give to the children in need. Waxi’s (Restaurant) is a good venue because it’s spacious and nice. Their host also had parlor games, which really made the children happy, they are given true happiness. So, choose Waxi’s (Restaurant) when you have a birthday party for your loved ones,” Bisdak added.


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