Pres. Marcos directs DA, NIA to complete irrigation projects nationwide within 4 months

Pres. Marcos directs DA, NIA to complete irrigation projects nationwide within 4 months

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. issued the directive on Wednesday to government agencies to expedite the construction of all water facilities and other supporting structures within four months.

This initiative is part of the country’s efforts to address the impacts of the El Niño phenomenon.

During his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Balbalungao Small Reservoir Irrigation Project (BSRIP) in Nueva Ecija, President Marcos reminded the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), to fastrack the completion of the said projects as quickly as possible.

“So, we remind once again the DA and the NIA to immediately complete the construction of irrigation facilities as well as other supporting structures based on the needs of our farmers…we need to do everything we can to prepare for our impending dry spell,” according to President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

Pres. Marcos urges immediate completion of BSRIP in Nueva Ecija

Marcos also ordered the DA and NIA to promptly finish the construction of supporting structures for the Balbalungao Small Reservoir Irrigation Project (BSRIP) in Nueva Ecija to help mitigate the effects of El Niño.

He explained that the BSRIP would significantly enhance agricultural productivity or strengthen rice production in Nueva Ecija, known as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines”.

 “I also call upon the NIA and the Department of Agriculture to make sure that there is timely completion of the other facilities of the project, such as its hydropower and watershed components, so that communities will be able to fully enjoy the benefits of the project,” President Marcos, added.

The BSRIP, valued at P1.28-B, consists of water infrastructure completed on February 13, 2019.

The construction of the P887-M, 29.9-meter high earth-fill dam and related structures began on February 5, 2020, and was completed on November 15, 2023, ahead of the scheduled January target for 2024.

560 farmers to benefit from BSRIP in Nueva Ecija

Around 560 farmers and their families will benefit from the irrigation provided by the BSRIP covering nearly 970 hectares of farmland in Nueva Ecija.

“Once fully operational, this multipurpose dam will provide irrigation for close to 1000 hectares of agricultural land in Barangays San Isidro, Balba-Lungao, Salvacion, and Mapang-pang here in Lupao, benefiting about 560 farmers and their families,” he said.

The project also aims to create additional income opportunities through increased crop yields, fish culture, and tourism.

It is expected to support watershed management, contribute to hydroelectric power generation, and combat the effects of El Niño in the country.

“I wish to emphasize that this project will also help address the effects of El Niño. We must be prepared to counter its effects, which may last until the second quarter of 2024.”

“Anticipating the success of the BSRIP in transforming the province’s lands into thriving hubs of productivity, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of food security, poverty reduction, and economic growth,” he stated.


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