Pres. Marcos, First Lady, and House Speaker behind People’s Initiative—Former Pres. Duterte

Pres. Marcos, First Lady, and House Speaker behind People’s Initiative—Former Pres. Duterte

THIS is according to former President Rodrigo Duterte who asserts that some politicians have no other motive but to find ways to prolong their stay in office and enjoy unlimited power.

“You know the purpose of this Constitutional change is not for anything, it’s not even for parliament or the essence of presidential type, it’s a mechanism for perpetuation of power,” said former Pres. Duterte.

To recall, House Speaker Martin Romualdez was implicated during the Senate hearing regarding the controversial People’s Initiative,

Some legislators claimed that Romualdez was involved, allegedly paying, intimidating, and promising aid to some individuals in exchange for signatures in support of the initiative.

Duterte also claims that First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos, President Marcos, and his cousin, House Speaker Martin Romualdez are behind the push for Constitutional change.

The former President expressed his disappointment because the people’s money is being used in this controversial initiative.

“The only reason we are truly disappointed is that they are squandering the people’s money,

 They are wasting [money] with whatever is being done, and the citizens remain poor,” Duterte expressed.

Duterte then urged President Marcos to halt the People’s Initiative, warning of a similar fate as his father if they persist.

“If you do not stop this nonsense, you will go out of Malacañang the way exactly when it happened during your father’s time,” said Duterte.

 “Don’t do that. Ferdinand Marcos, don’t do that because you already failed because of that. It’s a miracle that the Lord gave you the chance to sit for a short time and to redeem your name,” he added.

The former President continues to call on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to take appropriate actions to protect the Constitution.


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