Pres. Marcos pushes for digitalization of Philippine justice system

Pres. Marcos pushes for digitalization of Philippine justice system

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. encouraged members of the Justice Sector Coordinating Council (JSCC) to continue streamlining and digitalizing their frontline and back-end services as part of nationwide decongestion efforts.

The president’s speech was delivered by Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin, while Marcos remained in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19.

In the message, President Marcos welcomed the JSCC’s initiative to hold the National Jail Decongestion Summit in Manila on Wednesday.

Marcos urged summit participants to develop innovative solutions and create a more modern justice system compared to traditional approaches in delivering justice.

“By embracing technology and innovative practices, we can enhance our efficiency, reduce delays, and ensure swift and fair legal proceedings,” according to Lucas Bersamin, Executive Secretary.

Marcos added that by implementing best practices from other countries, the Philippines can adopt innovative solutions to help address challenges faced by the justice system in the country.

The president expressed confidence that discussions during the summit would lead to better policies and measures related to the justice system.

Marcos also highlighted that the ongoing summit is a significant occasion aimed at decongesting prisons in the country and that this event also aims to expedite the processing of criminal cases heard in courts.

The chief executive expressed confidence that the summit would generate effective policies from the concerned agencies.

“This gathering is most welcome, as it demonstrates the commitment of the entire government to expedite the processing of criminal cases and alleviate the chronic problem of Jail Congestion. Indeed, it would require a whole-of-government approach to ensure the efficient, effective, and compassionate administration of justice in the country,” Bersamin added.

President Marcos also emphasized his administration’s commitment to support the collaborative efforts between the executive and judiciary, saying that justice will not be denied to every citizen in need.

The Philippines’ first National Decongestion Summit is titled “Decongest and Reintegrate: a Conference to Unlock Solutions to Jail and Prison Overcrowding”.

The summit aims to bring together legal experts, government agencies, international organizations, and advocates.

It focuses on plenary sessions and workshops related to jail decongestion efforts and the best practices of other countries.

Efforts to decongest prisons nationwide include the annual recommendation of executive clemency for qualified inmates or Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL).

After the event, Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexander Gesmundo in an interview talked about his expectations regarding the many reforms in the penal system and prison decongestion.

Gesmundo added that they expect these reforms to be implemented as soon as possible.

“We are doing a lot in the Supreme Court; processing of cases is expedited,” according to Alexander Gesmundo, Chief Justice, Supreme Court.

Justice Department Assistant Secretary & Spokesperson Mico Clavano shared some activities and strategies at the summit.

These include reducing prison admissions, increasing releases when sentences are completed, and expanding prison facility capacities.

The summit continues until December 7.


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