Pres. Marcos rejects calls for Mindanao Independence

Pres. Marcos rejects calls for Mindanao Independence

PRESIDENT Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr., rejected calls for the separation of Mindanao from the Philippines.

In his message on Constitution Day, PBBM expressed confidence that the call to separate Mindanao from other parts of the Philippines is doomed to fail.

The President appealed to all individuals behind this proposal to stop it, stating that it is against the Constitution.

“The new call for a separate Mindanao is doomed to fail, for it is anchored on a false premise, not to mention a sheer constitutional travesty,” Pres. Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stated.

PBBM even called the move foolish, asserting that he would not allow it to happen.

The President also mentioned that leaders in BARMM are rejecting the call for the separation of Mindanao.

“This is not the New Philippines we are shaping. Instead, it is the destruction of our beloved Philippines. Our Constitution calls for a united, undivided country. It calls for eternal cohesion. For this reason, unlike other Constitutions, there is nothing in ours that allows the breaking up of this union, such as an “exit provision,” said Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

Meanwhile, the President stated his administration’s goal of implementing the principles stated in the Constitution, promoting reforms for development, and fostering unity among Filipinos.

PBBM says Charter Change is only about economic reforms

Meanwhile, Marcos said he would not oppose the amendment of the economic provisions of the Constitution.

The President also said that the proposed reform is limited only to the economic provisions of the basic law, and that it aims to strengthen the Philippine economy.

“I will neither hinder this dialogue, nor encroach on the prerogatives of Congress and the sovereign will of the Filipino people. Our bicameral Congress and our built-in system of checks and balances are wonders to behold.”

“We must allow our democratic institutions and mechanisms, made possible by our constitutional order, to take their natural course,” Pres. Marcos added.

The Chief Executive further stated that his administration will continue to take steps to attract more foreign investments. This is in pursuit of the country’s ambition to achieve upper-middle-class income status by 2025.


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