Protesters gather in Atlanta ahead of Trump vs Biden debate

Protesters gather in Atlanta ahead of Trump vs Biden debate

SEVERAL groups of protesters from across the political divide rallied outside the debate venue on Thursday, with Trump and Biden’s supporters and critics present in the area.

The demonstrators also rallied various causes such as the campaign to stop the U.S. war machine and end the war in Gaza by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters.

Apart from slogans and chants, authorities considered the rally as peaceful overall.

No violent clashes were reported and no protesters were arrested.

Democrats urge Biden to halt presidential bid after debate with Trump receives massive backlash

Meanwhile, Democrats panicked after U.S. President Joe Biden’s poor performance during a presidential debate with Republican challenger Donald Trump earned heavy criticism.

The face-off saw Biden appearing to lose his train of thought and tripping over his words as Trump slammed him for being the worst president in the history of the United States.

The debate was supposed to be an opportunity for Biden to help ease concerns about his physical health and old age but it seemed the opposite happened.

Tens of millions of American voters witnessed the 90-minute face-off between the two rivals as they clashed on various local and international issues.

With his shaky moments exposed on national TV, top Democrat lawmakers urged Biden to stop his bid for re-election after his poor performance reignited concerns about the 81-year-old president’s age and fitness for such a heavy political role.


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