PSA record shows more women in labor force in February 2024

PSA record shows more women in labor force in February 2024

THE number of unemployed Filipinos decreased in February this 2024 according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Record also shows that there are more women in the labor force this year.

This store relies on students located near a university in Taguig to earn.

Juliet, the owner, is delighted that classes are back since February because it also meant she could return to work at the store.

“It’s a big help. Our livelihood depends on the students of UMak. They are our main customers. If they don’t have classes, we don’t have income. We don’t earn anything. Our lives basically depend on the UMak students,” said Julie, Works at the store.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there was a rise in the employment numbers, particularly among women, in February, which also increased the Labor Force Participation on the said month.

“Most of the increase in employment was among women. We have the numbers. Females actually had an increase of 1.87 million in terms of work. Males, on the other hand, had 1.14 million,” National Statistician Usec. Dennis Mapa stated.

“There was a substantial increase in terms of employment among women,” he added.

Philippine retail trade industry sees highest increase in employment; Agri sector ranks 2nd

According to National Statistician Usec Dennis Mapa, most women are employed in the retail trade industry.

One industry that saw a significant increase in the number of employed individuals, by over 1.61 million in February, was the retail trade sector.

“February— because February 2024, marked the opening of classes in colleges. So many had the opportunity for activities related to retail trade,” Mapa added.

Employment in the agriculture sector also showed positive growth.

From 8.33 million employed Filipinos in January, it increased to 9.36 million in February.

“In agriculture [sector], we had planting and harvesting seasons, so we had employment opportunities in agriculture as well,” he stressed.

Overall, the employment rate in February reached 96.5%, equivalent to 48.95 million employed Filipinos.

The unemployment rate in that month was at 3.5%, equivalent to 1.80 million Filipinos without jobs.


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