Purple blooming plants attract tourists to Guiyang, China

Purple blooming plants attract tourists to Guiyang, China

MILLIONS of verbena plants bloomed in Guizhou Province’s Guiyang, turning the field into a purple sea of flowers.

Footage filmed on Saturday captures awed visitors taking pictures of wonderful scenery or just enjoying the view while wandering around the verbena field.

“I feel the scenery here and the integration of human and nature. When I come here, I feel like I have entered the comic world of Miyazaki Hayao,” according to Mr. Liu, Visitor.

“What impresses me most is that the blossoms here are particularly beautiful, and then the weather is very good today. I feel that in this sea of flowers, you can see clouds in the sky, and people here are all integrated into the same picture, like entering Miyazaki Hayao’s Cartoon,” Mr. Liu added.

“Because I want to travel, and Guiyang is closer. The sea of flowers here is quite massive and large. It is suitable to take photos with friends and have a picnic here.”

“I think the most impressive place is the scope of coverage. Because I felt that if I was online, I thought it might be only a few hundred meters, or I thought it was just like that. But it was quite shocking after I actually came here,” Ms. Gu, Visitor said.

Breathtaking osmanthus trees, China’s gem

Meanwhile, in a different part of China… drone footage has captured the breathtaking sight of rows of green osmanthus trees in the Guilin Flower Scenic Area of Guangxi, China, garnering significant attention on social media for its ethereal and fairytale-like landscape.

Situated in the Lingui District of Guilin City, the Guilin Flower Scenic Area sprawls over 4,000 acres (or more than 6 square miles) and boasts a staggering plantation of 200,000 osmanthus trees trimmed into the shape of balls.

“I feel it’s quite beautiful here, and the air is also quite fresh. If I want to escape the secular world and find a quiet place to relax, then this is the place I am looking for. At first glance, it looks green from here, it looks quite nice,” Zhang, Visitor expressed.

During the mid-autumn festival, the osmanthus trees within this scenic locale burst into full bloom, enveloping the entire landscape in a golden hue and filling the air with their sweet fragrance.

So, if you’re looking for out of the ordinary tourist spots in another country this year, why not try Guiyang’s Verbena Fields and Guangxi’s Guilin Flower Scenic Area?


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