Random drug testing among government employees, a good step—Pastor ACQ

Random drug testing among government employees, a good step—Pastor ACQ

FOR Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, random drug testing of government employees is a good step.

In relation to this, Pastor Apollo recommended to have an intelligence group to focus on the matter.

“That is the one of DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos’ good actions,” Pastor Apollo said.

In the latest ‘Spotlight’ program on June 2nd, Pastor Apollo agrees with having government employees undergo random drug testing.

This is related to the recommendation of DILG Secretary Abalos to the attached agencies such as the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire and Protection, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Local Government Units, Commission on Women and Children and Commission on Muslim Affairs.

Pastor ACQ recommends intel group to focus on lifestyle check

Meanwhile, Pastor Apollo recommended that it would be better if every government employee undergoes a lifestyle check.

“But you know what would be good – the lifestyle check of every government employee. Sometimes, it must be traced. Sometimes, in the lifestyle check, they don’t put it in their name. For example, the money they’ve collected illegally, they will put it in someone else’s name,” Pastor Apollo said.

According to Pastor Apollo, if the government is really serious in combating corruption, there should be an intelligence group to focus on lifestyle checking.

“We should have intelligence groups focusing on this which identifies if a person became an accomplice, or did the employee put it in his/her name, or did the employee create another corporation just to hide the wealth obtained illegally? That would be very serious. Perhaps bloody. But if we really need to suppress corruption and its connection to the illegal drug trade, that should be number one. If the employee does not use drugs, if the employee is an accomplice because he/she is in government, of course, the employee will be given a huge amount of money. That is what must be identified and addressed. It will inevitably appear in the lifestyle check. You will see it,” Pastor Apollo added.

Pastor Apollo gave the example of a police master sergeant who was found to be hiding a large amount of money in his bank account.

“These police officers that got involved… I received a report that after conducting a check in the bank account, it showed huge amounts and they’re only master sergeants, but there’s huge amounts in the bank accounts – that’s one. If we are really serious about suppressing this.”

“So that we have a serious way of addressing this drug problem amongst government employees,” he said.

In addition, the good Pastor also said that those who have possible links to the New People’s Army (NPA), especially those who seek to have positions in government should be included in the proposed investigations.

“Not just that but also those attached to the NPA (New People’s Army). As suggested by Senator Francis Tolentino, that when you apply, everything will be checked including who are your relatives – who are your closest relatives, especially when you run [for office]. You must show if you have an NPA accomplice or if you have a CPP-NPA-NDF accomplice, or if you are in support of them,” he said.

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