Rep. Pulong Duterte challenges accusations of pocketing P51-B during the 18th Congress

Rep. Pulong Duterte challenges accusations of pocketing P51-B during the 18th Congress

DAVAO City 1st District Representative Paolo “Pulong” Duterte did not hold back in expressing his sentiments regarding allegations thrown at him by the leadership of the House of Representatives (HOR).

He is accused of receiving P51-B from unprogrammed funds allocated to his district during the previous Congress.

According to Ako Bicol Party-List and Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Congressman Elizaldy Co, there is a report claiming a significant amount was released in Mindanao during the 18th Congress, specifically in Davao.

Congressman Duterte strongly denied these allegations and challenged his fellow lawmakers to find a bank that could prove that he pocketed billions of pesos.

“Go ahead. If you want, let’s have a hearing in Congress regarding what I… you said I pocketed P51-B, find a bank here in the Philippines that will release it. You’re foolish.

”Try to find P51-B as if it passed through my office. We, congressmen, are just lobbyists,” exclaimed Rep. Paolo Duterte, 1st District, Davao City.

“The Speaker, DPWH, we request projects, like finishing the Coastal Road that his foolish sibling started but never completed,” he added.

Congressman Duterte also questioned why he was being told that his constituents should already have their own houses due to the significant funds allocated to his district.

“P51-B, have you heard this dog that I sued? Until now, the case continues. I won’t mention the name because they might become famous. Now, they’re blabbering, saying that every person in my district should have a house because of our P51 billion! You fool! How many houses can I build, P100 each?” stressed Cong. Duterte.

These allegations were supposedly being spread due to the ambition of an individual who wanted to become the Mayor of Davao City.

“When I was young, your father made me a drug addict. When it reached De Guzman, I became a drug addict, a drug pusher. Now, those [—-] are even calling me a drug smuggler. If I were a drug smuggler, I’d be very rich, so why am I still here in front of you? Why would I still be serving you? Would you believe in their dog?” he added.

He also questioned as to why congressmen are so afraid of the current House Speaker.

“Now, three speakers have passed through my political life. There’s Cong. Alvarez, who became a speaker. Cayetano, a speaker. Velasco, a speaker. Now, I see congressmen afraid of their speaker. Why is that? I might have a heart attack because of this,” said Cong. Duterte.

He also mentioned that he could not understand why some lawmakers are terrified of the current House Speaker.

“There are only two [reasons], they are scared of being removed from being a congressman, just like what they did to Arnie Teves, who was sent to the Ethics [Committee]. I will be heading there too, for sure,” he added.

Congressman Duterte mentioned that the House leadership cut the budget of his district by P2-B in 2024, allocating only P500-M.


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