Russian artist dons scuba gear to create deep sea paintings

Russian artist dons scuba gear to create deep sea paintings

IF you think it’s difficult to paint above ground then it’s even more challenging to paint underwater. Yes, underwater! But just how is this possible?

“I’m a professional artist and when I tried scuba diving, I was so impressed. It was awesome and then I became a professional scuba diver and then it was just an easy idea to combine my two professions and two passions in one. And that’s why I started developing my own technique – how can I paint under the water,” according to Olga Belka, Artist.

Olga Belka is a Russian artist with an extraordinary talent of painting underwater.

Both scuba diving and painting are two of her favorite hobbies.

But in order to get up close to the marine life and paint the beautiful scenery at the bottom of the seabed, she dons her scuba gear before diving into the deep.

“Sometimes sea creatures come to watch me and this is so cute because I have few paintings where an octopus was watching me all that time and watching and controlling me what I was doing,” Belka added.

Belka has developed her own techniques allowing her to paint in salt water, and completes a number of three-hour dives for each masterpiece.

“The most important, you know what? Nobody calls you, nobody disturbs you. So, I really love it, it’s so peaceful to paint under the water, but sometimes fish or sea turtles or other sea creatures come to watch me and I really love it,” she added.

In the end, Olga shared that her own sales provided funds to help with coral reef clean-ups and that her paintings were available for charity auctions for marine conservation projects.


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