Russian City under state of emergency over drone ‘attack’

Russian City under state of emergency over drone ‘attack’

A drone crashed into an apartment building in the Russian City of Voronezh on Friday, resulting in three people being injured.

The Voronezh City or Voronezh Oblast is located in the southwestern part of Russia, which partly borders Ukraine.

Russian Regional Governor Aleksandr Gusev said the three injured victims were hurt by glass shards and has received first aid at the scene, and did not require hospital treatment.

The area of the building struck by the drone was also empty at that time.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that they had seen reports that the drone collided with the building after being downed by air defenses.

The Kremlin also accused Ukraine of carrying out the incident, saying that its regime continues to attack civilian infrastructure and residential buildings in Russia. The agency also vowed to continue countering such activity.

Meanwhile, the Russian investigative committee has opened a criminal investigation into what it suspected was a terrorist act done in the interest of the military-political leadership of Ukraine.

The latest drone attack targeting Russian cities in recent weeks comes as Ukraine continues to intensify its operations against Russian forces.

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