Russia’s first modern Moon landing bid on track for August 21 touchdown

Russia’s first modern Moon landing bid on track for August 21 touchdown

RUSSIA’S Space Agency, Roscosmos, has confirmed the Luna-25 automatic interplanetary station’s successful entry into lunar orbit, heralding a significant step toward a historic landing on the moon’s surface.

Roscosmos declared that all systems on Luna-25 are operating normally, maintaining stable communication.

The mission signifies Russia’s maiden contemporary endeavor to land an automatic station on the Moon.

The mission aims to advance soft landing technology, analyze lunar soil, conduct extensive scientific research, and particularly scrutinize the Moon’s south pole and exosphere.

Distinguishing itself from prior missions targeting the Moon’s equatorial region, luna-25 is set to attempt a soft landing in the challenging polar terrain.

The anticipated landing date is August 21. The Luna-25 mission launched on August 11 via the Soyuz 2.1b rocket from Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome.

The probe has successfully initiated research operations and begun transmitting data to Earth, which is undergoing analysis by the scientific team.

Luna-25 continues the legacy of Russia’s earlier lunar exploration endeavors and is named in homage to the Soviet-era program that dispatched 24 probes to the lunar surface from 1958 to 1976.

The last time that Russia had a spacecraft on the moon was during its Soviet days, using Luna-24, which was launched 47 years ago.

Meanwhile, Luna 1 was launched as part of the Soviet Luna program in 1959, the first human-made to reach the heliocentric orbit.

Russia’s lunar mission coincides with India’s with its Chandrayaan-3 lunar lander, which was launched on July 14, and entered lunar orbit on August 5.

India’s lunar lander is currently lowering its orbit in preparation for its landing attempt expected to happen on August 23.

Amid speculations of a so-called lunar race due to the renewed global interest of various countries sending their spacecraft to the Moon, only China has landed successfully so far this century via Chang’e 3,4, and 5.


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