Saudi Arabia, Iran exchange ambassadors after seven-year fallout

Saudi Arabia, Iran exchange ambassadors after seven-year fallout

IRAN and Saudi Arabia take the restoration of their diplomatic ties to the next level through the resumption of diplomatic missions and their recent exchange of ambassadors.

Tehran and Riyadh, two major oil producers in the Middle East, agreed to fully restore their diplomatic ties through a peace deal brokered by China in March.

Iran also made the first step to reopen both its consulate in the Saudi City of Jeddah and its embassy in Riyadh.

Tensions between the two countries can be traced back to 1979 although the recent breakdown took place in 2016 when protesters attacked Saudi diplomatic missions in Tehran after the execution of a Shia cleric, which urged Riyadh to sever diplomatic ties.

Riyadh warmly received Iranian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Alireza Enayati on Tuesday while his Saudi counterpart Abdullah bin Saud Alanazi arrived in Tehran on the same day.

Saudi Arabia anticipates a future visit from Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi after getting invited by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.


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