Sen. Chiz apologizes for misuse of protocol plate

Sen. Chiz apologizes for misuse of protocol plate

SENATOR Chiz Escudero has apologized after a video of a vehicle bearing his protocol plate went viral, showing it speeding through the EDSA bus lane while being reprimanded by a traffic enforcer.

A luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) with a “7” protocol plate was ticketed last Thursday for illegally using the exclusive bus lane.

“The use of the protocol plate was unauthorized, as the vehicle was being driven by the driver of a family member,” said Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero

Escudero clarified that he was not the one driving the vehicle at the time of the incident, but admitted that it belonged to a family member.

The senator has instructed the driver of the vehicle to comply with the show-cause order issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) while he faces investigation and possible penalties.

According to regulations, vehicles caught violating the rules of the EDSA bus lane may face fines of up to P30,000.

Apart from buses, only ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles, and convoys of the president, vice president, Senate president, House speaker, and chief justice are allowed to use the EDSA bus lane.

Following the incident, the senator volunteered to surrender the protocol license plate to the LTO.

He also commended the authorities for their enforcement actions and expressed support for the government’s efforts to ensure compliance with traffic rules and regulations in Metro Manila, regardless of rank, title, or position.

He also apologized to his fellow senators for his mistake.

Plates bearing the number seven are reserved exclusively for senators. Protocol plates are issued for the “convenience and safety” of high-ranking government officials.

However, the LTO admits that these plates are often abused, being transferred to relatives of government officials, which constitutes a violation of the law.


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