Sen. Lapid proposes to institutionalize the creation of tertiary care hospitals in all regions

Sen. Lapid proposes to institutionalize the creation of tertiary care hospitals in all regions

SENATOR Manuel “Lito” Lapid proposes a solution to improve the ailing condition of our health care system by filing a bill that seeks to institutionalize the establishment of tertiary care hospitals in all regions.


Senate Bill 1505 pushes to establish more hospitals all over the country which are classified as tertiary care facilities. The mission is not only to give universal access to health care but to give universal access to health care institutions with world-class quality medical services and is at par with international standards and best practices.


“Hindi biro ang pakikipaglaban ng ating bansa sa COVID 19 at mas pinapahirap ng kakulangan sa ospital ang pagresponde sa nakamamatay na sakit na ito. Alam din nating hindi ito ang huling pagsubok na kakaharapin ng ating sektor ng pangkalusugan kaya isang mahalagang tulong na magagawa natin bilang mambabatas ay masigurong may sapat na dami ng ospital na mapupuntahan ang ating mga kababayan. Higit sa lahat dapat ay maging bukas ang mga ospital sa lahat ng ating kababayan, anuman ang kanilang antas sa buhay,” Lapid said.


The proposed measure envisions that all of the regions in the country will have their own tertiary care hospitals within five (5) years from the effectivity of the law. The Department of Health will be tasked to formulate a prioritization plan for the implementation of the law.


Top priority shall be given to all regions which do not have any regional hospital of whatever classification lower than tertiary care. The bill also provides that provinces which are geographically isolated from their region’s tertiary care hospital such as island provinces shall also be given priority for the establishment of tertiary care hospital.


Meanwhile, existing regional hospitals shall be considered for upgrading, modernization, and conversion to tertiary care hospitals.


Senator Lapid believes that now more than ever, there is a need to create tertiary care hospitals that can provide highly specialized and advance procedures and treatments for our fellowmen. These hospitals are also home to medical specialists and state-of-the-art facilities.


With the spike in the number of COVID infected persons, we have seen hospitals and other health facilities even in the National Capital Region reached their full capacities.


During the initial days of the pandemic, we only have the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine as the sole confirmatory testing laboratory for the virus in the whole Philippines. The situation is even worse in the provinces.


“Hindi natin pwede hayaang laging hirap sa pagresponde ang ating mga ospital lalo sa panahong may matinding sakit tayong nilalabanan. Kung madagdagan lang sana ang mga tertiary care hospitals sa bansa, malaking tulong ito sa ating mga kababayan lalo na ang mga galing probinsya para hindi na nila kailangan pang lumuwas sa Metro Manila o sa ibang mga syudad para lang makatanggap ng sapat at dekalidad na atensyong medikal,” Lapid added.


Meanwhile, the measure also suggests an audit and inventory of the physical facilities, equipment, and personnel of the Regional Hospitals. This will be conducted to determine the present classification of the respective facility. The result of the audit and inventory shall be the basis of the respective upgrade and modernization plan for each Regional Hospital.



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