Sen. Lito Lapid on POGO hearing: I will resign

Sen. Lito Lapid on POGO hearing: I will resign

SEN. Lito Lapid denies any involvement in the operation of POGO in Porac, Pampanga.

Lapid said he will resign as a senator if proven that he is part of POGO.

The senator also denied the allegations of an unnamed vlogger that he owns the 10-hectare land where the POGO hub in Porac, Pampanga, is situated.

He said he was a vice-governor of Pampanga for three years, a three-term governor and in his fourth term as senator if he wins in the senatorial elections in 2025.

“I will not allow my name to be ruined here,” Lapid said.

In response to the false accusations initially hurled against him, Lapid called on the Senate to include the POGO in Pampanga in the ongoing investigations and go against those responsible for the heinous crimes committed under the cover of licensed POGO operations.

He also challenged the NBI to pursue the multiple cases filed and pending against the unnamed vlogger.


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