Sen. Padilla wants Senate to investigate PNP Operation in KOJC Religious Compounds

Sen. Padilla wants Senate to investigate PNP Operation in KOJC Religious Compounds

DID the Philippine National Police (PNP) violate the human rights of the missionaries of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) when they carried out an inhumane and violent arrest warrant service in KOJC religious compounds last Monday, June 10?

This is what Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla wants to find out.

Hence, he is calling for an investigation in the Senate to determine the occurrence of “unnecessary and excessive force” in the said operation.

Padilla emphasized that serving warrants should ensure that the dignity of any individual, including the subject or target of the operation, is not compromised.

He will formally file the resolution on Tuesday, June 18.

“In serving warrants, law enforcement should take into consideration the totality of the situation at hand which should not in any way violate the dignity of persons … There is a need for the PNP to promote and protect human rights because these very acts are vital to the maintenance of public order, guarantee of public safety, and respect for the rule of law,” Padilla said in the resolution he will formally file on Tuesday, June 18.

In his resolution, Padilla wants the appropriate Senate committee to handle the “investigation in aid of legislation” into the violent operation by armed authorities in the religious compounds of KOJC, particularly in Davao City.

He cited Article II, Section 4 of the 1987 Constitution, which states that the primary responsibility of the government is to serve and protect the people. Meanwhile, Article II, Section 11 of the Constitution recognizes the dignity of every person and ensures respect for human rights.

He added that the PNP has a Human Rights-Based Policing (HRBP) policy, and its guidebook emphasizes the obligation to respect human rights by not interfering with each person’s rights.

Based on reports, when the PNP operatives, including personnel from the Special Action Force (SAF) and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), entered the KOJC to serve an arrest warrant, tensions arose, and some missionaries were hurt.

The fully armed police officers climbed the walls of the religious compound to search inside.

They did this without a search warrant.

In a statement, former President Rodrigo Duterte said that the incursion was a clear violation of the law and called it an “overkill.”

Meanwhile, Padilla pointed out that the PNP had previously been criticized for using “excessive force” in serving warrants. This includes the arrest of an elderly environmental activist in Pakil, Laguna by 25 SAF members in 2022, and the operation involving 18 CIDG personnel and six Regional Maritime Unit members that led to the killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa in 2016.

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