Singer Imelda Papin: Newly appointed PCSO official

Singer Imelda Papin: Newly appointed PCSO official

THE singer Imelda Papin took an oath as the new Acting Member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) this Tuesday.

According to Papin, she is grateful for the trust given to her by the Marcos administration.

“This is a continuation of what I have been doing. Even before I entered politics, I was already helping. When I was in politics, I continued to help. Helping is in my heart. This position is just right for me,” said Imelda Papin, Acting Member, PCSO Board of Directors.

PCSO Director Imelda Papin plans to launch “Isang Linggong Serbisyo”

Papin said she would propose the program “Isang Linggong Serbisyo” to help more Filipinos through PCSO, especially those who are seeking medical and financial assistance during weekends.

“In my observation since I was Vice Governor and until now, those who seek help on Saturdays and Sundays have nowhere to go. So, I will propose this to the Board, but I have mentioned it to the president,” Papin added.

Despite her new role at PCSO, Papin assured that she would continue her singing career, including the possibility of holding a concert.

Additionally, the block screening of her movie “Imelda Papin: The Untold Story” will continue


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