SMNI hosts Ka Eric, Dr. Badoy released from House of Representatives’ detention

SMNI hosts Ka Eric, Dr. Badoy released from House of Representatives’ detention

FOLLOWING a week of detention in the House of Representatives, Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz and Dr. Lorraine Badoy have been released.

Celiz and Badoy host the program “Laban Kasama ang Bayan,” dedicated to the information war against Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF).

Celiz was first held in contempt for refusing to reveal the source of his inquiry about the alleged P1.8 billion travel funds of the office of the speaker.

While Dr. Badoy faced contempt after she was asked about the program’s TV ads.

“Freedom is upheld and fought for; it is not given. The government should respect constitutional rights, and that’s what we stood for,” according to Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz, SMNI program host.

While detained in the House, Celiz and Badoy conducted a hunger strike, sustaining themselves only on coconut juice and water.

Now that they are out of the house, they have ended their hunger strike, which lasted for about a week.

“I want to thank our fellow citizens who heard your voices because we’re very clear that this is not about us. None of this is about me and Eric but our country—the abuse of those in power,” according to Dr. Lorraine Badoy, SMNI program host.

The members of the House Committee on Legislative Franchises unanimously decided to release the two due to humanitarian considerations (committee’s letter).

The spouses of Celiz and Badoy had previously filed a petition with the Supreme Court to challenge their House detention.

They received support from over a hundred former generals who signed a manifesto for them.

Former cadres of CPP-NPA-NDF also rallied in front of the Batasan Complex, urging the release of Celiz and Badoy from the detention facility.

Celiz thanked his fellow rebel returnees and appealed to President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

Ka Eric, Dr. Badoy appeal to Pres. Marcos

“Actually, we were touched because more and more former cadres are surrendering. We hope the government will see if we are still standing on just ground. We hope that President Bongbong Marcos Jr. Is listening because where do we go after returning and embracing peace, acknowledging the government, and submitting to the authority of the government? If we can be detained and called here to speak about transparency, good governance, and exposing the CPP-NPA-NDF within the government, then what is our significant question—are we standing on the ground that we believe we can be part of the government in the success of peace against communist terrorism?” Celiz said.

The two will return to their respective families to celebrate the holiday season.

Despite being released from the House, they will continue their petition for certiorari in the Supreme Court to protest the days they were detained.


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