Some youth in KOJC religious compounds suffer anxiety after violent PNP-SAF raids

Some youth in KOJC religious compounds suffer anxiety after violent PNP-SAF raids

HEAVEN on Earth! This is how all Kingdom Citizens, especially the youth, regard the KOJC religious compounds—particularly the headquarters in Davao City, the Prayer and Glory Mountain at the foot of Mt. Apo.

But how do you explain to innocent children that their safe haven was suddenly disrupted and attacked by armed authorities?

“I’m so scared of the bad guys, the bad guys.”

“When the bad guys come here, I always hide behind the rock. Because I’m so scared,” said Princess.

“They broke the gate. (What did you feel when they broke the gate?) Anger. (Why?) Because they beat up my uncle,” said John.

“I was angry and worried because they destroyed it,” expressed Louie.

“I was nervous because I saw the police in full battle gear. We had no chance against them. When they broke in, I was scared, especially when they broke the gate. They had no respect for the place,” stressed Ace.

The once joyful lives of these children who grew up in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ have been replaced with anger and fear following the violent raid by PNP-SAF and CIDG on KOJC religious compounds.

According to a psychologist, these feelings and reactions are to be expected in children who have experienced intense stress and trauma.

“If a child has experienced and witnessed a significant amount of stress and anxiety after being caught in a traumatic event, it can indeed cause intense fear and a sense of danger,” according to Abegail Grace Escobido, Psychologist.

Abegail Grace Escobido mentioned that there are signs to look for in children that can indicate they are experiencing intense anxiety and stress following a traumatic experience.

“It is considered normal response to a confusing and frightening situation. Now, in order for us to help and manage a child’s emotion and perception. There are some things that we can do first is to acknowledge their feelings. It is very important to have an emotional validation during this time. Second, is to reassure and continuously reassure that the child is still in a safe place they are in a place where you can consider there is safety. Third is we need to encourage the children to express their feelings and thoughts in a manner that they are comfortable with. Fourth, is to create a safe environment. How do we create a safe environment? We can create a calm and predictable environment so that the child feels secure. We can also teach them coping skills such as calming techniques, simple exercises, drawing, or playing with toys, which can actually help manage their anxiety. Lastly, it is recommended to seek professional support. It is very important that by turning fear into understanding and providing reassurance, we can help children see that safety and kindness still prevail even after this frightening experience,” added Escobido.

Debriefing can help restore ‘sense of safety’ for traumatized youth

To address this, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ administration ensures that the children in the religious compounds who were traumatized by the violent raid of PNP-SAF undergo debriefing.

“Debriefing is very important, especially after witnessing such an event. It can actually help children in several ways. First, it can help them process their emotions. Second, it can help them understand and make sense of what happened, and also reduce the risk of long-term trauma. Lastly, debriefing can really help in restoring the sense of safety and normalcy. Debriefing can actually be a key to helping children heal, understand, and regain their sense of safety,” stated Escobido.

June 10, 2024, will be remembered as a ‘Day of Infamy’.

The horrific experiences of the defenseless church workers at the hands of an oppressive government will be etched in the hearts and minds of millions of KOJC missionaries.

While this day will not be forgotten, it will serve as a lesson for all KOJC youth to foster goodness in their hearts, as taught by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.


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