Southern Brazil’s flooding enters 12th Day, volunteer rally for relief efforts

Southern Brazil’s flooding enters 12th Day, volunteer rally for relief efforts

TWELVE days into the flooding in Southern Brazil, the situation remains dire. However, amidst the devastation, there is a glimmer of hope as residents unite to support each other. Many, like Bernardo Ferreira, have become volunteers, assisting those in need.

“People have been displaced for 10 days now, and it’s been 12 days since the flooding started. Despite the devastation, it brought unity among us. Many of us who weren’t as affected are volunteering, helping each other. I wake up early to carry water, bring supplies to trucks, and clean houses. We are trying to be strong and resilient,” said Bernardo Ferreira, volunteer.

Bernardo’s efforts, along with those of other volunteers, highlight the strength of the community in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges, their determination to support each other shines through.

“Here in Brazil, natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes are rare, so this flooding had a significant impact. Many people, including myself, lost a lot. Friends lost their homes, cars, and jobs, especially in the fabric industry, which is prominent in our region. Machines were damaged, and people couldn’t work due to being isolated by the flooding,” Ferreira added.

Bernardo’s account underscores the profound impact of the flooding on the region, affecting not just livelihoods but also the community itself.

The loss of life and impact on infrastructure due to the flooding are profound, underscoring the urgent need for support and assistance in the region.

“Brazil is known for its tropical climate, but our region is colder, and with winter approaching, the cold water increases the risk of hypothermia. We are also seeking donations for warm clothing,” he also added.

As winter approaches, the challenges posed by the cold water and the need for warm clothing to prevent hypothermia become increasingly critical.

“This situation is a reminder to be prepared for any disaster. We ask for support, prayers, and donations for those who have lost everything. People taking advantage of this tragedy to commit crimes is a minor issue compared to the incredible acts of kindness and bravery we’re witnessing as people come together to rescue each other,” stated Ferreira.

As of reporting, the floods have claimed over 150 lives, with 97 people still missing and more than 600-K displaced from their homes.